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Sambar Powder (100 gms)

Sambar Powder (100 gms)

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Introducing our premium Sambar Powder, a must-have ingredient in every Indian kitchen! Made with the finest quality spices, this 100 gms pack of sambar powder is the perfect addition to your culinary collection.

🌢️πŸ₯•πŸ… Our Sambar Powder is a flavorful blend of handpicked spices, including coriander, cumin, red chili, turmeric, fenugreek, and more. 🌢️πŸ₯•πŸ…

πŸ’₯ Bursting with rich aroma and authentic taste, our Sambar Powder is specially crafted to enhance the flavors of your favorite sambar recipe. πŸ’₯

✨ Here's why you should choose our Sambar Powder: ✨

βœ… Made with high-quality ingredients to ensure utmost freshness and taste.
βœ… Enhances the depth and richness of sambar, delivering an irresistible flavor.
βœ… Easy to use - simply add a spoonful to your sambar and enjoy the traditional taste.
βœ… Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants for a healthy and flavorful meal.
βœ… Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Experience the true essence of South Indian cuisine with our Sambar Powder. Elevate your dishes to new heights with its aromatic profile and authentic taste. Grab your pack

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