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Instant Veg Biryani Mix (Without Onion & Garlic) (250 gm)

Instant Veg Biryani Mix (Without Onion & Garlic) (250 gm)

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Introducing our Instant Veg Biryani Mix, a flavorful and aromatic blend of spices and rice that will transport you to the streets of India with just one bite. This version of our popular biryani mix is specially crafted to cater to those who prefer a onion and garlic-free option without compromising on taste. 

🍛 Made with the finest quality ingredients, our Instant Veg Biryani Mix is packed with the goodness of fragrant basmati rice, mixed vegetables, and a unique blend of spices. 

🥕🌽🥦 Packed with a medley of vegetables like carrots, corn, and broccoli, this biryani mix adds a burst of color, flavor, and nutrition to every serving. 

💥✨ With our Instant Veg Biryani Mix, you can whip up a delicious and wholesome meal in no time. Just add water, cook on a stovetop or in a microwave, and voila! A mouthwatering biryani is ready to be savored. 

🌶️🍅 Ideal for those looking for a quick and easy meal option, our Instant Veg Biryani Mix is perfect for busy weekdays, lazy weekends, or even when you're craving a taste of home.

Ingredients: Pure desi ghee, aromatic rice and spices. 

Heat a teaspoon of ghee in your pressure cooker, sauté mix of vegetables (or paneer) and a pinch of salt. Pour in 600 ml of water, bring it to a boil, and add 250 grams of Instant Veg Biriyani Mix. Two whistles later, serve biriyani with raita. 

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